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The history of the mankind is a history of war, destruction and reconstruction. Traditions and legends tell of cruel, ruthless wars between their power-obsessed peoples who devastated their once thriving homeworld and rendered them uninhabitable. In dire need, the few survivors pushed aside their differences just in time and set out to the stars with their last remaining intact spaceships to find a new home.
The destruction of their world, the flight and the infinite time in space made people to survivalist. Thanks to their flexibility, ingenuity and adaptability, they were able to face and claim many of the dangers in space. With their basic peaceful nature and helpfulness, they found some allies on other worlds, but a new home remained them denied to this day.
But the good in the human being is not possible without the evil. Some of them rebelled and the peace that was once created wavered. Man's deep-rooted desire for power caused mistrust and betrayal among themselves.